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Aiken Insurances are delighted to announce our new exclusive market for underwriting a wide range of surety bonds.

Surety bonds can be required under the terms of a contract, or in accordance with statutory or licensing requirements, to secure the performance of the Principal in its commercial or contractual obligations to the Beneficiary.

Typical Bonds used in the Construction Industry that we can accommodate are;

Performance bond
Advance payment guarantees
Retention bonds
Warranty bonds
Road and Sewer Bonds
Infrastructure Bonds

A surety bond is a tri-partite agreement issued by an insurer (the Surety) providing monetary compensation to the Beneficiary in the event that
the Principal fails to perform its contractual or commercial obligations.

A counter-indemnity is taken from the Principal (and potentially its parent company) allowing the Surety to seek reimbursement in the event the Surety has to pay a claim under the surety bond.


What are the benefits of using an insurer rather than a bank?

  • Bonds issued by a bank diminish available headroom under lines of credit and can limit opportunities for growth.
  • Insurers generally issue surety bonds on an unsecured basis, being provided on the assessment of a company’s financial strength and proven track record.
  • The issuance of surety bonds by an insurer does not impact working capital or bank borrowing facilities and therefore can provide a useful boost to a company’s liquidity.

Stephen Devereux C.I.P. is our specialist, contact him for further information about this product